Posted by: groupact | April 5, 2014

27 Weeks

This post is just a list of weekly topics covered in a course guide I’m developing. For details and context, see the next post.

(1) Dimension
(2) Distance
(3) Direction
(4) Rotation and reflection
(5) Symmetry
(6) Area and volume
(7) Scale
(8) Dilations
(9) Similar triangles
(10) The Pythagorean theorem
(11) The Euclidean algorithm
(12) The fundamental theorem of arithmetic
(13) Archimedes and pi
(14) Place value and polynomials
(15) Rational expressions
(16) Solving an equation (the idea)
(17) Solving a linear equation (in practice)
(18) Linear equations in two variables
(19) Rate
(20) Solving quadratic equations
(21) Graph quadratics
(22) Circles
(23) Vectors
(24) Systems of equations
(25) Linear programming
(26) Combinatorics
(27) The binomial theorem


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